German Bakehouse

German Bakehouse - Monthly Stall Fee

Permanent Stallholder
You are now a permanent stallholder because you have:
  • Attend 3 consecutive markets AND
  • Committed to attend Witta Market regularly
Permanent stall holders are prioritised to have a regular site at the market. Please be aware - Due to the nature of the markets set up, regular stall sites are not guaranteed, however we do our best not to move permanent stallholders. From time to time, we may need to change the site to benefit the market as a whole and we appreciate everyone's cooperation with this as we strive to set up the best market possible each month. When I send out the monthly stall holder email, I will always assume permanent stall holders are attending, so you do not need to respond to that email. It is extremely important if you are not attending - you let me know as soon as possible, or in response to that monthly email. 
A permanent stall site is lost:
  • When a stall holder misses 3 consecutive markets OR 
  • Is a no show to the market and does not let us know OR
  • Attendance to the market is inconsistent  (unless for a specific, one off, reason)
We can not prioritize you to be on the same site at that stage. You are still welcome to return to the market, you will need to let us know when you wish to do so and you will be on a different site.
To confirm your attendance for ongoing markets please register here for your monthly subscription. Your stall fees will be direct debited from your account on the Tuesday before the market. 
No refunds are offered if cancellation is after the direct debit has been taken. We reserve the right to provide refunds or credits on a case by case basis thereafter. 
Cancellation of your subscription will remove you from our "Permanent Stall Holder List" and your position at the market may change following this action.

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If you need any assistance at all please email us via or call us directly on 0473668839

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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is only available to Witta Market Stallholders, please do not share this link with anyone.

Bump in/out times

A market organiser is on site from 5am to 2pm each market.

Bump in is from 5am-6:30am

NO Vehicles can be moving on site after 6:30am without a management escort. Please call 0473668839 to request an escort.

The market starts at 7am and the expectation is that you will be set up by this time.

Pack down is STRICTLY prohibited before 12pm. If you sell out you my place a "Sold out" sign on your stall and leave your stall unattended if you wish.

Bump out if from 12pm to when you are finished.

Car parking

Most sites at the market have on site parking available.

There are a few sites that will require you to park away from your stall.

The market organiser will let you know on the day if you will need to move your car away from your stall.

These requests are for the flow of the market or safety access and are not optional.


Once you have become a permanent stallholder you will be sent a subscription link.

This link allows you to manage your site fee, your receipt issuing and confirms your permanent status.

If you would like to become a permanent stall holder this is done through the market organiser only.

Subscription Management

Once you have begun your monthly subscription you will receive an email from our system confirming your payment and the details you have provided. We suggest you save this email.

You will then be responsible for the management of your subscription and can access the details via the above mentioned email.

3 days before your subscription payment is deducted from your nominated account you will receive a reminder email allowing you to make any arrangements necessary before the payment is deducted on the 10th of each month.

If you require any assistance at all please reach out via or on 0473668839

Why is my fee different to someone else's?

Every agreement may be different based on the stall holder, when they began at the market and the organiser/terms at the time.

As of 2022 under the market terms and conditions update there was a price increase for non-food stalls to match the fee structure for all stall holders and an increase in cost for a power allocation.

These fees are not comparable and can be changed at any time by the organiser.

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