Witta Markets has a diverse and eclectic variety of stalls, From Fruit & Vegetables to handmade candles, wall hanging and more.

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Kaka Coffee Co.

With every cup of our expertly crafted coffee, we aim to bring not only great taste, but also positive energy and good vibes to our customers. Whether you're looking for a quick caffeine boost or a relaxing spot to unwind, our cafe has got you covered.


Forest Garden Soaps

A range of handcrafted, unscented, natural soaps and balms that are free from synthetic products, contain minimal ingredients and are made from organic plants & herbs - where possible, grown in my forest garden.


Bunya Nut Pesto

If you like pasta, you'll love this Pesto with flavorsome Bunya Nuts, a traditional food of the Aboriginal people, found in a limited area of rain forests. Exotic? Definitely!


Bountiful Backyards

Bountiful Backyards provides sustainable, bioactive gardening products for the organic gardener.


Eco Dyed Silks

Kris works with all‐natural elements when creating her works, she loves working with protein fibres such as silk and wool. Kris sources most of her leaves from her own property and every work is original.


Art in Metal

ArtinMetal.com.au makers of unique metal products!



In the beginning two theatre nurses, a deck and a drink in hand,

pondered over the similarities between sterilising and distilling (as one does). The conversation went from drip rate, titrate, condensate to distillate. So our journey into distilling, converting our shed from farm to distillery, provided a useful transition.


Sweetpea Silversmithing

Passionate about artisan products, locally and sustainably made, I craft custom jewellery working mainly in quality recycled 925 sterling silver sourced from an Australia company.


Wooden Spoons

Aesthetic and functional spoons finely crafted from salvaged Australian hardwood.


Mountaintop Mushrooms

We grow a range of gourmet and exotic varieties of mushrooms on our farm in Montville. We also sell grow kits for customers to grow their own at home and stock fresh black truffles during the Australian season.


Reptiles In Focus

Details coming soon!

Wild Thyme Kitchen

Bringing fresh healthy food to local markets on the Sunshine Coast.


Alexander Bridge Art

Inspired by our emotional and mystical connections to animals and the natural world, Alexandra Bridge makes paintings, prints, cards and art dolls that strike a chord in peoples’ hearts. Along with husband Noel and faithful collie Indie, Alex loves to share her art each month at the Witta Market.


Hippy Shack Creations

Our collection of exquisite handmade items showcases the stunning beauty of natural timber and fibre. Each piece is lovingly crafted by skilled artisans, using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations.


Art In Metal

Our unique metal cut lawn ornaments are a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. Each piece is carefully crafted by skilled artisans, using high-quality materials and precision cutting techniques to create intricate and distinctive designs.



Organic skincare from the inside out. Do you have the guts to achieve truly healthier looking and more beautiful skin? At Nubeean Noosa Organic Skincare we’re turning natural beauty inside out with our skin and gut microbiome focused approach to skincare.


Wicked Nuts

We have a passion for local, sustainable produce and supporting Australian made products. We combine our locally grown Australian nuts with the finest ingredients, freshly kettle roast them in small batches to hand craft these truly unique snacks.


Meebo Moon

In a world that often seems chaotic and overwhelming, it's important to take a step back and appreciate the beauty and value of simplicity. When we strip away the excess and focus on the essentials, we are able to find clarity and peace.


Goose on the Loose

3Geese are purveyors of Goose on the Loose fine artisan salami. Our range of highly-awarded and unique flavours is an experience like no other for your taste-buds. In addition we also support a number of other small SE Queensland artisan producers who's products compliment our salami range.



Elevate your meals with our selection of premium ingredients that not only add flavor and depth to your dishes, but also ensure the safety and security of your food, bringing smiles to everyone around the table.


Angel Alchemist

Dedicated to helping people achieve a sense of liberation and connection with their inner selves through the use of ritual tools and incense. We believe that the act of performing a ritual, whether it's a simple daily practice or a more elaborate ceremony, can have a profound impact on the mind, body, and spirit.


The Coffee Pot


When She’s Blue

When she's feeling down, our beautiful treasures provide a little bit of sunshine on even the cloudiest of days. With a range of unique and thoughtful gift ideas, we've got everything you need to help her feel pampered, appreciated, and loved.


Big Heart Bamboo

At our company, we believe that sustainable living starts with sustainable eating. By choosing to consume locally sourced, organic, and plant-based foods, we can reduce our carbon footprint and promote a healthier planet. Let's evolve together towards a more sustainable future.


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